Update – Mind-Keybaord disconnect: a solution!

I had previously lamented about the loss of ideas that percolate while I am driving before I get to a computer or even paper to get them down. So, I’ve been considering getting a voice recorder to keep handy in the car. The hubs suggested finding a free app for the phone and viola, I found a decent freebie! So, the experiment will begin this week! Gotta love technology


One response to “Update – Mind-Keybaord disconnect: a solution!

  1. My next post – Thank you Ma’am – was written using the voice recorder plan. I was sitting at Sonic and the blog started writing itself in my head, so I tried recording myself. It wasn’t perfect. I ended up talking in fits and spurts and needing to restart. However, it was a first attempt and it was a pretty shallow topic. So I shall give it a few more tries. So far, though, it seems, I can’t even speak as fast as I think (though had you asked my parents when I was a teen, they would have told you I talk much faster than I think).

    A it ironically, ever since I downloaded the app, I haven’t had much brainstorming in the car. It’s like the ideas knew they might get captured!

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